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Business Savings & Money Market
Business Banking Business Savings & Money Market

Business Savings

Athens Federal offers convenient business savings and money market accounts to support your overall cash flow strategy, keeping the money your business needs available and putting the rest to work for you. Our savings solutions - including traditional, money market and certificates of deposit - will help you meet your business goals on your terms.

For longer-term savings options, consider a Business Certificate of Deposit (CD). Business CDs pay competitive rates on various terms from seven days to five years. Contact your customer service representative for additional information.

Account Details

Business Savings Business Money Market
Overview Ideal for businesses that want to grow savings but maintain easy and quick access to cash Ideal for businesses that require a higher rate of return and easy access to funds
Minimum Opening Deposit $50 $5,000
Monthly Service Charge $10
(waived with $50 daily balance)
(waived with $5,000 daily balance)
6 free Withdrawal Transactions per Monthly Cycle*
Additional Transaction/Activity Fee*
Earns Interest
(Variable Rate)4


Tiered Rate - Higher balances earn more**

Interest Compounding Method Monthly Monthly
Online Banking Access to account information 24/7

Put excess cash to work with flexible sweep options designed to help your business grow.

Business Sweep Account Available to Corporations and LLCs, business may earn interest on a portion of funds in the business checking account as funds in excess of the established target balance are swept to an overnight account secured by investments each day, which earn interest and are returned to the transactional account the following day.***
Zero Balance Payroll Account Payroll checks are presented against your payroll account and money is swept automatically from the general operations account to pay the check and then the payroll account returns to zero. You can easily track payroll transactions and allow additional funds to continue earning interest in your Sweep Account.

Click here for full account disclosures.
*A charge of $10 per transaction will be implemented for Regulation D excess transactions - see qualifying transaction types in full account disclosures.
**Interest rates are variable and subject to change.
***Money swept out of the account each day to earn interest is not FDIC insured, but pledged against sound bank securities.